It is now the time to move ALL websites over to HTTPS …… and EVERY new website should be built with it from the outset.

In a few years’ time (and possibly much sooner) EVERY website will be secured through SSL and undoubtedly that is a very good thing. If you have not already moved, or you are not now in the process of moving to HTTPS, you will very quickly get left behind.

Here are just four compelling reasons to make the change to HTTPS without delay:

  1. SEO: Google has stated that the move of all websites to HTTPS is long overdue and Google now boosts the SEO ranking of secure sites. Simply put, a move to HTTPS WILL give you a better SEO ranking.
  2. SECURITY: SSL helps to protect your site, its data and its visitors. It encrypts all data that may be transferred over the web, such as credit card transactions, form submissions etc.
  3. ECOMMERCE: If you’re accepting any payments on your website, SSL IS NON-NEGOTIABLE. SSL is an absolute must for any form of ecommerce and/or membership website.
  4. AFFORDABILITY: In the past, SSL certificates almost always were expensive, but the rapidly changing web landscape has brought prices down to more realistic levels and has made the certificates, and the cost of switching to SSL much more affordable.

Unfortunately most people don’t know where to begin nor how to complete the transformation without making a mess of it.

Clockwork Internet provides all of its hosting clients with FREE SSL certificates, and will move any website (client or not) across to HTTPS for just US$ 69.95.

Without doubt, there has never been a better, or a more pressing time to move your sites across to HTTPS.