Your Own FREE WordPress Blog

Want your own, personalised, fully-fledged WordPress blog/niche/affiliate marketing website? FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY – subscribe to any of our plans, pay the first three months in advance and receive: Your own WordPress blog or website. Your choice of ‘standard’ domain name registered in your name, subject of course to its availability (.com, .net, .org, […]

Legal Statements Update

All of our terms of service, our privacy policy and our cookies policy are in process of being redrafted and updated.  The updated statements and policies will be posted on this website shortly, along with a number of new statements and disclaimers. Thank you for your patience while we complete this mammoth task.

The Importance of Updating WordPress

A recent WordPress security study has indicated that outdated plugins and themes account for 63% of WordPress vulnerabilities. Outdated versions of WordPress are extremely vulnerable to attack, as also are any plugins and themes that have not been updated to the latest version. If you have failed to keep WordPress along with all of its […]

Latest WordPress Vulnerability Statistics

Statistics taken from 40,000+ WordPress sites in the Alexa Top One Million indicate that, at any given time, over 70% of WordPress websites and blogs are vulnerable to attack. It should be noted that this statistic is calculated using known vulnerabilities only, although new hack attacks are initiated and discovered every day! In the subject […]


It is now the time to move ALL websites over to HTTPS …… and EVERY new website should be built with it from the outset. In a few years’ time (and possibly much sooner) EVERY website will be secured through SSL and undoubtedly that is a very good thing. If you have not already moved, […]

Important WordPress Security Update

If you have not already updated your WordPress website(s) to WordPress 4.7.2, you should do so immediately. While three WordPress security vulnerability fixes were disclosed last week, the disclosure of an additional security fix in WordPress 4.7.2 was announced yesterday. Because of the significance of this vulnerability, we strongly recommend that you update your WordPress […]

An Important Announcement

This is an extremely important announcement and if you have not already done so, you need to take action now. In the last two weeks, over 50,000 WordPress websites have been hacked due to a major security vulnerability that was discovered in the WordPress REST API. (But we are delighted to be able to report […]

Your Website Could Be Dead In The Water Come January

As of August 2016 some 60% of worldwide internet users used Google Chrome as their web browser of choice and that figure is steadily increasing. This means that on average, for every five people that visit YOUR website, three of them will be using Google Chrome. So when Google talks about upcoming changes to Google […]